How it Works allows you to create projects in which all members have equal control.

The decisions are taken by vote or by an elected administrator and are enforced by our platform.

Decisions initiated by members

Every member can submit proposals like:

  • Adding or removing an administrator
  • Changing the monthly fee
  • Changing the objectives of the Association
  • Dissolving the Association
  • Changing the voting threshold

When an idea is supported by more than the “voting threshold” (for example, 20%), it becomes a vote, and all members will receive an email

Each vote is open for two weeks, and our platform automatically applies the decisions.


Administrators of each Association have extra privileges like publishing posts, submitting payment requests, accepting and rejecting membership requests, and initiating votes.


Some Associations require you to pay a monthly fee. The fees minus the credit card fees are added to the association balance. Administrators can use these funds in the interest of the project by submitting an invoice.

If a member doesn’t pay the fee, they are not able to vote, and after three months of not paying, the user will be automatically removed.

Creating an Association

Create an Association takes only a few minutes. will verify the Association within a few business days. In the meantime, you can already start accepting members.

If rejects a new Association, the payments are refunded.


Associations on are not legal entities on their own. They are part the LTD company. simply agrees to spend the collected funds as decided by the elected administrators.