Frequently Asked Questions


What is Associate?

Associate is a Swiss tech start-up that provides a global platform for the creation and organisation of Internet Associations (IA), their members and their services.

If Internet Associations don’t rely on legal systems, how are they governed?

Associate uses technology similar to Smart Contracts. Internet Associations are governed in a transparent and distributed way, where all members share control. Decisions are made by member votes and outcomes are applied automatically by the platform.

What is a Smart Contract?

A Smart Contract is a contract with terms of agreement written in computer code. In addition to a normal contract that just states clauses, the smart contract will also execute them. It might, for example, initiate a payment or activate permissions to a web service.

How do I create an Internet Association?

Click "Start an Association" to launch the creation process. Associate will capture details like the name of your Internet Association, its long-term objectives, how any expenses will be used and any specific rules.

Can I modify the objectives and other details of my Internet Association after creation?

Yes, to modify objectives, make a proposal and invite members to vote on it.

How can a vote be initiated?

Administrators can initiate a vote at any time. Members can also initiate a vote if 20%* are in-favour. *default threshold.

How is the voting threshold determined?

The default voting threshold is set at 20%. This value can be changed by vote.

What happens when a vote passes?

The decision is applied based on the resolution type and the digital statutes are updated to reflect the decision.

What happens if my Internet Association gets dissolved?

Any remaining funds in cash balance will be donated to another association with similar objectives, chosen by the members, or by .

Can be used for money laundering or other illegal activities?

No, implements measure to manage and verify activities.

Which currencies does Associate support?

We operate using USD and EUR.

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