Frequently Asked Questions

What is is a first-of-its-kind platform to create digital associations.

Why should I join

To become part of a modern community that wants to ideate, innovate and iterate together with you.

How do I create a Digital Association?

To get started, all you need is a name and a short and clear description of the activities & objectives of your Digital Association. The initiation phase will take less-than 10-minutes to complete.

How are Digital Association funded?

The primary source of income are monthly membership fees and member donations.

What are the rules of engagement?

All users must accept our Terms and Conditions and Privacy Policy.

Can I create and manage more than one association?

Yes. However, you cannot create multiple user accounts.

How many people can become members of my digital association?

An unlimited amount of members may join your digital association.

Can I upload videos to

Currently we do not support video on however we regularly feature entertaining and educational videos on our social channels.

Can my digital association page be in any language?

Yes, we support and we can translate all international languages.

Can I choose my association’s balance currency?

We operate using USD and partner with TransferWise for currency transactions.

Are all Digital Associations non-profit?

Yes, if it is not a non-profit, it is not an association.

What is the voting feature?

The vote threshold is set by the digital association’s initiator at the creation stage, for example, 20%. This value can also be changed by Members who vote to revise the existing threshold.

How can I initiate a vote?

Administrators can initiate a vote at any time. Members can also initiate a vote if they are in-favor at the designated threshold of the digital association.

What happens when a vote is passed?

The decision is immediately applied based on the resolution type. The "Digital Statutes" page is then updated to take into account the decision.

For how long does a digital association remain on

Your Digital Association will remain as long as you have one single active member. It may be dissolved subject to a member vote. We also reserves the right to dissolve a Digital Association for housekeeping or infringement of our Terms & Conditions.

I run a traditional Association, can I migrate it to

When you create a new digital association on, you will need to manually manage the closure of your traditional Association.

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