Introducing Decen

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There are many cryptocurrencies, but none of them is yet ideal. A perfect cryptocurrency should have the following properties:

  • Zero transaction fees
  • High capacity
  • High security against destruction or hacking (similar to online banking). Note that no blockchain crypto provides this, as it is currently impossible to prevent both key destruction, and key stealing without a trusted third party, or allow reversing transactions in a decentralized manner.
  • Decentralized governance. Given the issues with the blocksize debate with Bitcoin, and other crypto centralization, it is crucial to provide a legitimate decision process similar to a DOA for any long term coin
  • Support microtransactions

With the “” platform that I started building a few years ago, these goals are possible without needing a blockchain and, strangely would provide a better decentralization.

For example, it makes it possible to decentralize GitHub access, Domain names, USD funds, internal documents, and IT servers over the internet.

Of course, the company ‘“ is centralized, but so are many cryptocurrencies, the difference is that’s’s role is simply to organize the governance, and not to take any project decisions. It is a platform to create your DAO and share resources like the ones listed above.

As one of the first pilot projects, I am working on the “decen” to create a cryptocurrency with these properties. I’ve put online a prototype at

You can register there to receive 10 DCN free. You can also become a member of the project (11.99 USD / month that will go to the project) to receive an extra monthly 100 DNC / month.

Decen is a centralized service working on Amazon Web Services, but the exciting part is the governance. The members of the project are fully in charge. Each member has one vote that they can use together with the others to replace admins, give or remove GitHub permissions or server access, or make other decisions.

Admins are incentivized to implement member decisions, as members can decide to remove admins at any time.

I would love any help so if you are interested, please come and join my discord at

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