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Associate is a platform that allows users to create online associations that offer decentralized governance without using blockchain. Associations are similar to Decentralized Autonomous Organizations (DAOs) in that they are self-governing, managed collectively by their members without a central authority.

While Associate itself is a centralized platform, our role is simply to enable decentralization and self-governance — we have no control over the decisions or outcomes of any of the associations that use our platform.

That means no overstepping, no restrictions, and no censorship — just your collective vision brought to life.

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Founder & CEO

Christian Bodt

Christian Bodt is a software engineer and entrepreneur based in Luxembourg. An early blockchain enthusiast, he has focused on creating accessible, user-friendly solutions in the cryptocurrency space since 2014

Born in the Netherlands and raised in the South of France, Christian spent 10 years in the telecommunications and investment banking sectors developing financial software solutions. In 2014, he left his job at J.P. Morgan to start CoinPlus, an online payment processor and cryptocurrency exchange platform.

His latest project, Associate, is a platform that allows users to create organizations similar to DAOs without the use of blockchain technology. These organizations — called associations — allow users to collaborate and self-govern in a fully decentralized manner without the complexities associated with blockchain.


Associate.com AG c/o MJP Partners Bahnhofstrasse 20 6300 Zug Switzerland Registration Number CHE-336.404.342

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