About us


Associate.com AG was created in December 2019. It is incorporated at Associate.com AG, c/o MJP Partners AG, Bahnhofstrasse 20, 6300 Zug.

Our mission

To reinvent incorporation such that it is adapted to the internet.

We believe that incorporation should be free, instant, worldwide, and that it should come with a bank account, IT, accounting and other infrastructure included.

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Our vision

Due to the Internet, countries and legal are becoming less relevant and internet giants are continuing to grow. When individuals find a way to cooperate globally, internet giants will lose power again.

Our Founder & CEO

Christian Bodt was born in the Netherlands and raised in south of France. After 10-years work experience in the telecommunications and investment banking , he is now a full-time entrepreneur since 2014.

As a passionate software engineer, he became an early blockchain enthusiast, and the idea of Associate.com was born trying to solve the blocksize debate issue in the global Bitcoin community.