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What is an Internet Association?

An Internet Association is an online organisation that combines resources (funds, file repositories, domain names, servers, ...) together with governance. It is a new way to create lasting initiatives and collaborate across the world.

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For Internet Communities

Associate is made for internet communities who want to bring their ideas to life and organize themselve using clear governance.

Fast and global

Contrary to existing legal frameworks for incorporation, Associate provides a modern solution adapted to the laws of the internet, fast and global.

Alternative to blockchain

Associate is more alternative to blockchain for decentralization. It can solve the issues around security, scalability, and integration with other services.

Services included

Associate comes with many services included, like the abiliy to make like payments, buy domain names, create file repositories, use github.

Join exiting Association

Join existing Internet Associations to start working together and making decisions with other members.


Start your own Association

Creating an Association is easy. Set the objectives and initital parameters, recruit members, organise and govern decisions in a democratic way.

Create Internet an Association to enable worldwide cooperation.

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