ASSOCIATE is a new alternative to blockchain for global cooperation
- C.Bodt, of CEO

What is a Decentralized Association?

A decentralized association consists of people joined around a common interest that does not rely on a legal system but instead on an automatically applied set of rules.

illustration with five cheerful people

Why we built Associate

Existing legal frameworks are slow and not enforcable worldwide. We built to enable new type of global initiatives.

How it works


Get Members

Creating your Associations only takes a few minutes and you can start accepting members immediately.


Elect your Admins

Associate is the first platform to give control to the members instead of to the admin that created the group.


Finance your objectives

Your community can now hire freelancers or pay for services using bank transfers to many different countries.

All the infrastructure included

Communities can now make payments or have domain names, file repositories, github repositories, AWS instances and many more to come.