Create, fund and Manage Decentralized Associations

Associate is the most accessible platform for creating decentralized organizations. Build your association, assemble your team, and work together to bring your vision to life.

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Management Made Easy

Associate gives you all the tools you need for equitable self governance, allowing you to collaborate with people across the world without putting too much power in the hands of a third party

Decentralization Done Differently

While Associate itself is centralized, our role is simply to enable decentralization without the risks imposed by blockchain. Your association is exactly that — yours.


Associate offers various on-demand services that can be directly integrated into every association to improve your experience, including Github, AWS, and Dropbox.


An association comes with a simple USD wallet integrated with leading payment processors, so you can easily manage funds.

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Browse, search, and join existing associations.


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Creating an Association takes only a few minutes. You will be ready to recruit members, organise and govern decisions.